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Published on Jan 04, 2022 by Nicole Test

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DRAFT Emergency Readiness in Healthcare

Key Component

Security seals are a key component in the protection of healthcare products.

A tamper evident seal is a safety device that can be used to highlight any tampering attempts and maintain the integrity of products. When an item has been sealed, it is difficult for anyone to gain access without destroying the seal, or showing visible signs of tampering.

In hospital and healthcare settings specifically, tamper evident seals are important because they help reduce audit times and establish product integrity.

The benefits of security seals in healthcare include:

  • preventing tampering by verifying that the product has not been opened or otherwise compromised;
  • providing evidence if tampering or unauthorised access occurs; and
  • minimising inspection time during audits by performing visual checks.

Maintaining Integrity in an Emergency

But how can we maintain the integrity and still remain ready for use in an emergency?

Tamper Evident provides simple solutions for everyday problems in hospitals and healthcare settings.

A uniquely numbered Light Break Seal can be applied to a fully stocked resuscitation trolley/crash cart to ensure the contents remain intact and ready for use in an emergency. The seals are strong enough to not break during daily tasks, but are simply broken by hand to gain access during an emergency.

Another solution is to apply a peelable label to an emergency drawer or cupboard. With a voiding message clearly displayed across the label you can immediately see if the drawer has been opened, even if attempts are made to secure it again.

But it’s not just hospitals and healthcare settings that require these security solutions. Ambulance services throughout Australia also rely on tamper evident seals on a daily basis. Whether it be via road or air, paramedics and nursing staff need to ensure their medical equipment and supplies are clean, fully stocked and ready for immediate use.

When a paramedic is assisting a patient in a remote area, or a flight nurse is flying at 45,000 feet there is no alternative for their medical needs. All equipment must be ready for use to assist the patient.

Vital Patient Information

First responders are also often needing to collect vital patient information for appropriate treatment and to notify hospitals upon arrival. Collecting, transporting and delivering patient medications is made much simpler with our range of Schedule 8 and Schedule 4 patient medication bags.

Patient medication can then be administered and stored as needed at the hospital in line with the pharmaceutical guidelines in Australia. When patients are ready to be discharged it provides them with peace of mind knowing their medication is correct and going home with the correct person, if required.

Security Bags

The Tamper Evident security bags are also a perfect solution for first responders needing to store any patient belongings prior to arrival at the hospital. Valuables such as jewellery, wallets, bags, cash and even clothing can be sealed during transit.

The unique numbering and writable panel on the outside allows contents to be noted, as well as the patient details. Once the patient has arrived at the hospital the security bag is simply handed over to the staff who ensure chain of custody is maintained.

Tamper Evident Security Seal

By applying a tamper evident security seal to your emergency and healthcare products you can also help to reduce auditing times. There is no need to unlock a drawer to count medication or check if your emergency equipment has been restocked. You can visually check the seal and be instantly assured that unauthorised access has not occurred and all stock is ready for use.

Make every second count in an emergency situation and when storing your healthcare products.

"Your patients life may just depend on it"

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