Policing and Corrections

Evidence bags and tamper evident tape for securing property, cash, drugs and other evidence

Ensure the integrity of Evidence

Securely store your items to ensure the integrity of samples and evidence

Maintain Chain of Custody

Ensure all items are securely maintained throughout the chain of custody

Prevention of Smuggled Items

Secure bags to prevent items being smuggled into correctional facilities

Store Personal Belongings

Store personal belongings securely - ready for return at any time

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In our industry & the requirements for security in transportation of food items, the security seals area ideal & fit our requirements exactly, since commencement of the seals we have had no missing or stolen food items during the transportation process.

- Alexander Maconochie Centre (ACT) -

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Staff of Tamper Evident were very professional and helpful and also sent a sample to make sure it was what we wanted before purchasing.

- Dept Corrective Services, Escort & Security Branch (QLD) -

Trusted by Policing and Corrections

Tamper Evident products are used and recommended throughout correctional and policing facilities in Australia. Our products provide a solution to ongoing security needs required to maintain chain of custody.


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