Custom Security Tape

Tamper Evident can customise security tape to meet your exact requirements. Talk to us about your business branding and options available – with minimum volumes of 500 rolls (50 metres each roll). View our options and examples below, complete the form and we'll be in touch.

Custom Branding

We can customise with your company details to strengthen your brand reputation

Add Custom Wording

Include custom wording to strengthen product messaging and compliance requirements

QR / Linear Barcode

Make it easier for processing and record keeping by adding a QR, linear barcode

Add Unique Numbering

Add unique numbering to the tape to assist with tracking and traceability

Subsurface Printing

Add unique subsurface identifiers to enhance the existing voiding and security features

Choose your Size / Format

50 or 500 metre rolls - continuous or perforated. Let us know your exact requirements!


Customisation Examples


Government Branded

Custom tape incorporating government logo and custom wording


Company Branding

Custom tape with company branding and bilingual voiding message


Subsurface QR Code Tape

Achieve more with subsurface QR Code to access additional information when scanned


Subsurface Linear Barcode

Security tape with subsurface linear barcode added for increased security


Company Branding

Custom tape with company branding for added security to reduce reverse logistics


Specific Company Messaging

Customise with specific company messages for clear identification of products


Identification Tape

Clearly identify contents with large font wording, without compromising security


Company Branding

Custom tape with company branding utilising standard voiding message

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I am very impressed with the service. The folk at Tamper Evident are always extremely helpful and the products work very well for the intended purpose.

- ConocoPhillips -

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This tape is used for the protection of Anti-neoplastic cancer. Pharmaceutical products exported Globally with confidence product will not be tampered with.

- Hospira Australia Pty Ltd -

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We use this tape to seal plastic bags with soil samples for Biosecurity testing. A great product, but importantly we have always received great service and support from the Tamper Evident team!

- Vicspa Pty Ltd -

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A great product for sealing items with an individual seal number. Perfect for transferring items between branches.

- NSW Trustee and Guardian -