Custom Crimp Seals

We have a full range of crimp seals which can be customised to meet your requirements. Talk to us about your business branding and options available - with minimum order volumes from as little as one pair of pliers! View our options and examples below, complete the form and we'll be in touch.

Add your Branding

Include your branding by embossing your logo. Additional fees may be charged, depending on the complexity

NMI Identification

Maintain your National Measurement Institute standards by engraving dies with your customised identification

Plier Uniqueness

Customise your dies with a unique alphanumeric marking for quick and personal identification

Employee Identifier

Create sets of consistent company markings with individual employee identification

Mark both Dies

Mark both dies for added security of your equipment. Why mark just one?

Bulk Purchases

If you need a large number of customised pliers and/or dies, get in touch now!


Customisation Examples

Alphanumeric Customisation

Sealing pliers with 10mm round dies embossed with alphanumeric engraving

Customisation Set

Customisation set of pliers, embossed dies with resultant crimped example

Customisation Examples

Wire crimped with 10mm round lead seals

Logo Customisation

Sealing pliers with 10mm round dies embossed with company logo

Logo Example

Wire crimped with 10mm round lead seals and logo

Lettering Example

Wire crimped with 10mm round lead seals and lettering

Custom Ferrule Plier

Ferrule plier showing male and female engraving example

Customisation Example

7 strand wire and ferrule crimped with company lettering

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Very pleased with the product, pricing and customer service that we received, the great customer/sales communication was very much appreciated, we will definitely be returning customers.

- DNS Engineering -

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Product shown exactly what I needed, extremely quick delivery and after sale contact to check satisfaction. Would recommend this product and Tamper Evident in general to anyone. Thanks again.

- Happy Customer -

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My company is using them outside and the food grade seals are fine, we've had no problems.

- Happy Customer -