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Release Method
  1. Tool Release
Locking Mechanism
  1. Twist-lock
Max Stem Width
  1. 0.7 mm
Locking Material
  1. Polycarbonate
  1. 10 mm
  2. 11mm x 11mm
  1. Round
  2. Rectangular
Crimp Matterial
  1. Lead
  1. Orange

Crimp Seals

  • The original tamper-evident seal! We stock a full range of lead seals and other types of crimp seals
  • Choice of sizes and materials to suite many applications
  • We have a range of Crimp Sealing Tools and Sealing Wire to accompany these products

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Close up of 10mm lead seals

Lead Seal - Round -10mm Diameter (0.975 KG of Lead - Approx 417 Seals)

Close up of rectangular lead seals

Lead Seal - Rectangular -11mm x 11mm (0.975 KG of Lead - Approx 250 Seals)

200 Twist Lock Meter Seals with Nylon Coated Wire

Twist Lock Meter Seal - Pack of 200 - inc Wire

3 items

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