Tamper Evident Tape for Samples and Specimens

Tamper-resistant tape seals for securing sample bags, soils samples, food samples, remote testing and transit to laboratory

Why use Tamper Evident Tape for Samples?

Once samples are collected, it is important to maintain integrity during transit to the testing laboratory.

  • Prevent accidental contamination of the samples
  • Create a chain of custody to identify any points of failure
  • Give confidence that decisions for legal, disaplinary or follow up activity are based on accurate results

How are is Tamper Evident Tape for Samples used?

A range of businesses and government agencies use our tamper-evident tape, for example:

  • State food authorities for food inspections
  • Soil sampling near open hole drillstem testing
  • Investigation agencies for evidence collection
  • OH&S Drug and Alcohol specimens

What Features Are Needed For Securing Samples in Transit?

To create an effective chain of custody, the tamper-evident tape must:

  • Bond quickly to the surface they are applied to; giving immediate protection to samples
  • Give confidence to all parties that the sample cannot be tampered with in transit to a testing facility
  • Clearly indicate if attempts to remove or tamper with the sample has occurred
  • Ensure sample integrity when in transit to laboratory
Specimen and Sample Tamper Evident Tape

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