Tamper Evident Medication Labels

A simple and cost effective method to secure medication in transit between pharmacy and patients

Why use tamper evident labels on medication packs?

Medication can pass through multiple hands in a care environment. Securing the cap or pack ends with a security label prevents:

  • Unautorised access to high value or strong medication
  • Theft
  • Substitution of medication

What organisations use tamper evident medication labels?

Organisations and health care facilities which store, prescribe, transfer or administer medication, for example:

  • Aged care homes
  • Pharmacy to client deliveries
  • Care in the home
  • Hospital medication
  • First responders and first aiders

What features are needed for tamper evident medication labels?

  • Highly visible - they should stand out as a security device on the medication pack
  • For screwcap pill bottles, the label should be able to attach the the top of the cap and down the side of the bottle
  • For cardboard packs, the label should stop the pack being opened. Two labels may be required
  • Once applied, the should not be removable without activting a warning or voiding message
  • They should be cost effective
Tamper Evident Medication Labels

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