Tamper Evident Cash Bags

Cash is handled by many people in an organisation. Ensuring a strong chain of custody from till to bank will reduce cash losses from occurring and highlight any training or security issues.

Why use tamper evident cash bags?

The chain of custody process can breakdown if unauthorised access is possible at any point between the till and bank. Tamper Evident bags ensure:

  • Cashiers are responsible for an accurate till, reporting any discrepancies quickly. Takings are recorded on or in the bag
  • Cash handlers and supervisors do not have access to cash taken at the till.
  • Reference numbers and receipts can be used when passing between multiple people
  • Depositing employee is responsible for opening and verifying all amounts and depositing to the bank.
  • Any discrepancies can be reported quickly and traced back to last possible employee to have access.

What organisations use tamper evident cash bags?

Most common for use in retail environments, some other examples are:

  • Cash handling for Superannuation Payments
  • Grocery stores (butchers, bakers etc)
  • One off events
  • Hospitality venues
  • Vending machine coin collectors

What features are needed for making cash bags tamper evident?

Ensuring contents remain secure while supporting a chain of custody process is essential.

  • Cash bags should have multiple security features and clearly stand out as a security measure
  • Each cash bag should have a unique number printed in multiple locations
  • There should be an area for recording contents
  • A receipt tab should be provided for record keeping

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