Sealing Cartons for Export

Example company based on real requirements

Ensuring Meat Exports Remain Contaminate Free

Meat Exporters Ltd needed to put extra tamper evident security measures in place fast.

The company consulted Tamper Evident’s experts to find the most effective way to seal cartons during overseas transportation.

The solution needed to immediately highlight when any carton had been tampered with and make tracking and auditing cartons simpler.

Our Solution

We recommended our bright red Tampertape – a versatile, highly visible security tape that makes attempted tampering instantly evident.

Suitable for most robust of auditing processes, Tampertape’s multiple security features include a pre-printed security text and unique sub-surface numbering every 150mm to form part of the voiding process.

The tape’s strong, permanent adhesive has a fast bond time for instant protection with a dual voiding mechanism– any attempt to peel or replace the tape leaves behind a permanent security message adhered to the surface of the carton.


Meat Exporters Ltd customers worldwide now have extra peace of mind, knowing that their Australian meat products have arrived at their table in exactly the same condition as when they left the factory down under.

Should any shipments show signs of being compromised, Meat Exporters can now address the problem immediately by using the unique numbering system to trace each carton’s movements quickly and easily.