Removals and Relocations

Example company based on real requirements

Preventing access to goods during transport and storage

ABC Removals and Storage is one of Australia’s leading privately owned business relocations and asset storage companies. They approached Tamper Evident to deliver a secure solution for preventing access to their customers’ goods during relocation.

The company wanted to provide extra peace of mind to their customers that once their assets were sealed in a container, they could not be accessed during transit.

This would decrease disputes upon delivery of goods and immediately highlight if unauthorised access had occurred.

Our Solution

We recommended ABC Removals and Storage switch immediately to using Tamper Evident Plastic B Seals.

Designed for tote boxes, the highly visible, pull-tight seal forms a very effective closure that prevents opening. It features a clever hinged tag that fits snugly into the side of the box to make it easier to carry.

The tag can also be easily read for immediate identification of the box’s contents, and a unique number on every seal allows easy auditing and tracking

Strong enough to withstand extremes of temperature, the B Seal stops unauthorised access using heat to provide further confidence for our client’s customers.


With Tamper Evident’s help, unauthorised access to ABC Removals and Storage clients’ goods during removals or relocations was completely eliminated.

Should a dispute with a customer arise, the easy-to-read tag and tamper proof design of the B Seal instantly highlights if their assets have been accessed in any way.