Controlling Access to Semi-Trailers

Example company based on real requirements

Bulldogs make the perfect tamper-proof partner for goods in transit

ABC Transport approached Tamper Evident for advice on how to prevent theft of partial consignments of goods during transit.

The company wanted to discover a more effective way to reduce customer conflicts and disputes due to lost goods by ensuring complete consignments were delivered without tampering every time.

In addition, they sought a more secure solution that would reduce audit and checking times on the receivers end.

Our Solution

Tamper Evident experts suggested our fixed-length, uniquely numbered Bulldog seals would be perfect for ABC Transport’s needs.

Ideal for securing and controlling access to semi-trailers, each seal features a unique number for easy audit checks and manifests.

Easy to apply and instantly visible, these single-use seals feature a 19kg break strength that can easily withstand the normal wear and tear of transit while still resisting accidental breakage to keep goods safer and more secure.

Our Bulldog seal is also simple to apply in adverse conditions such as rain or wind – the audible click confirms when the seal is properly secured.


ABC Transport can now identify when a shipment has been compromised at a glance, which has significantly decreased instances of tampering and theft.

Should tampering be discovered, the Bulldog seals’ unique numbering system allows the company’s loss prevention process to kick into gear, so disputes are addressed fast.