Brightpearl Extension

Introduction to Tamper Evident & Brightpearl

Here at Tamper Evident, we strive to have the most efficient back office processes possible; saving time and keeping our costs low. This lets us focus on the important business of helping our customers stop theft in their organisation.

In 2011 we migrated our accounting, CRM and sales and inventory to Brightpearl, a cloud based SAAS solution that perfectly fits our business needs.

Brightpearl Chrome Browser Extension

One of the key benefits of cloud based SAAS products is that they have fast release cycles, giving improvements and new functionality on a regular basis to its customer. This can, however, mean that some company specific requirements do not get prioritised.

We wanted to create some additional functionality, minor cosmetic changes and some workflow rules for Brightpearl and decided to create and share a Chrome Browser Extension for these changes.

This project is opensource and we welcome comments and feedback for additional options. Please follow the links on the right to view project on Github to find out more about how it works.