Bolt Seal


Our strong, durable Bolt Seal is made from polypropylene-coated carbon steel to provide a unique combination of high visibility, security and protection from tampering.

Ideal for securing shipping containers for sea, rail or road

It can exceed a pull strength of 1500kg making it an excellent choice for a wide range of heavy-duty applications. Our ISO 2010:17712 are available in boxes of 200.

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Just $1.50 per bolt when you buy 200 OR 99c per bolt when you buy 1,000

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In Stock - Box of 200

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At a Glance

  • Uniquely numbered for easy identification and audits
  • Polypropylene coating provides high visibility and protection
  • Carbon steel body for added security and heat proof
  • Heavy-duty barrier seal exceeds pull strength of 1500kg


Pack Quantity Box of 200
Average Break Strength 1624 KG
Diameter No
Cable Length No

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Questions from Customers

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  • Are they one time use?

    Our bolt seals are single use, tamper evident seals.  Once they have been locked, they cannot be removed and replaced.

    Each bolt is also uniquely numbered to prevent one bolt being removed and another used in its place.

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  • What does 'H Compliant' mean?

    The 'H" in 'H' Compliant referes to 'High Security" as outlined in ISO 17712.  

    ISO 17712 sets standards for how seals can be classified including:

    • "I" - Indecitive Seals
    • "S" - Security Seals
    • "H" - High Security Seals
    For more information about ISO 17712 see Wikipedia

    Please see our manufacturer website for related product certificates -  Acme Seals.

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  • How do you remove the bolt seal?

    We recommend using heavy duty bolt cutters (available from any hardware supplier)

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Customer Reviews
  1. Bolt Seal


    Bolt Seals

    by Aurizon on 10/06/2014

    Use google to find a supplier and found tamper Evident straight away.
    Service was friendly and great
  2. Bolt Seal



    by NuTrans (VIC) Pty Ltd on 15/05/2014

    Excellent product for sealing Export containers. Seal numbers are legible which Exporters and overseas customers request at all times.
    Quality of product is up there with the best.
  3. Bolt Seal


    Bolt Seals

    by Pacific Metal Group on 15/11/2013

    We only use bolt seals provided by Tamper Evident for our containerised export freight. Service, quality, price & delivery time are always first class.
  4. Bolt Seal


    Great Customer Service and Product

    by Margaret Lewis on 15/11/2013

    Googled to find Tamper Evident and what a great find.
    Could not fault customer service at all - very efficient and friendly.
    Product is very good.
  5. Bolt Seal


    Bolt Seals

    by Master Butchers on 15/11/2013

    Very satisfield with product, no issue using them.
    Very helpful service and excellent delivery time.
  6. Bolt Seal


    Bolt Seals

    by Australian Moving Logistics on 08/07/2013

    Bolts seals are good quality, and I am quite happy with the product and will continue using them.
    Very good service and fast delivery
  7. Bolt Seal


    Bolt Seals

    by HPS Transport on 05/07/2013

    Very happy with the product and the service. These bolt seals are reliable, practiable and the seal numbers are legible, unlike past seals used.
  8. Bolt Seal


    Bolt Seal

    by Pickering Transport on 05/07/2013

    I find the bolt seal designed well for the purpose they are used for, and of good quality, my only objective is sometimes trying to read the 5,6 & 8, the one on the white seal are smudged hard to read the above numbers....overall quite happy with the product and will keep buying.
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