Bag Seals for Cash Collection

Example company based on real requirements

Reducing cash thefts quickly and effectively

CashCollectors Pty Ltd regularly collects and handles cash at various locations. When handling coinage, they use heavy-duty reusable canvas or plastic bags that pass through multiple hands before being deposited in the bank.

For added security and theft protection, they needed an equally heavy-duty seal that wouldn’t damage the bag and could support their ‘chain-of-custody’ audit trail.

Our Solution

We recommended CashCollectors Pty Ltd secure their cash bags with an easily identifiable, uniquely numbered, high break-strength, tamper-evident seal and we had just the product.

The pull-tight plastic H Seal is perfect for securing high-value bags

With a 70kg break-strength it won’t break accidentally and its stainless steel metal locking mechanism can withstand extreme temperatures to prevent attempts to use heat or cold to remove.

Each seal is uniquely numbered for quick traceability and can be customized with the company’s logo, branding and barcodes for extra security.


CashCollectors Pty Ltd immediately saw a significant reduction in cash thefts during coin transportation.

Tamper Evident’s pull-tight plastic H bag seal lets them easily and securely seal collected coins in an instant.

The strong, uniquely numbered seal allows them to cross reference collections to specific vending machines, so the last person to have access to cash before transportation is always clearly indicated.